Rainbow Pre-School Ofsted Report

Summary of key findings for parents
This provision is good
  • Staff demonstrate a secure knowledge of how to keep children safe and protected from potential harm. They are caring and affectionate towards children. As a result, children make secure attachments and this promotes their confidence and emotional well-being.
  • The quality of teaching is consistently good, with some aspects of outstanding practice. The provision for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, and children with English as an additional language, is exceptionally strong. As a result, all children make good progress as they prepare for the next stage in their learning, including school.
  • The Pre-school is well managed. Those in charge regularly identify areas that can be improved further and take appropriate actions to develop the overall quality of the provision.
  • Effective partnerships with parents have been developed. This ensures that relevant information is shared. This enables the pre-school to meet children's individual learning and care needs.
  • The learning environment is interesting and challenging both inside and outside. This means that children are keen and enthusiastic in their learning.