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Robot Disco

Robot Disco 
Year 4 May 2015
Year 4 designed a robot in Google Drawings. They then imported the image into Scratch where they wrote a programming script to make it dance. They designed a disco floor background in Scratch paint editor.     (If you cannot see the animations, click on the shield i the address bar to unblock the script)     Year 4 SCRATCH Studio
First I made a robot. Next I put it on scratch then I made a dance floor . After that I got a hip hop dancer to do some moves then I put the hip hop song on. Finally the robot moves side to side the dance floor, which changes colour.
Press the green flag to make the project work and watch Lighting Bolt dance. The background is the Northern LIghts and Lighting Bolt is a storm Robot
First I created and put my robot in Scratch. I then made the robot dance , made my background change color and I also added music.
First I need to make it move and bounce off the edge . Then draw the disco background and make it change colour finally add some music.
First I made my robot on Google Drive . Then I wrote a script on scratch and I looked to see if my Disco robot was bouncing off the side it but it wasnt . After that I chanced the background and i made my robot background change floor colour when Disco robot was dancing . Finally I put some music on.
I made it bounce on the edge and make sounds. I made the sound from music on the setting i painted the background.