Ten Pieces Dance

posted 20 Mar 2015, 14:28 by Mrs Croft   [ updated 16 Jul 2015, 11:47 ]

Welbourne School children have been working together since September 2014 on a project, in association with the BBC. The BBC Ten Pieces project started with children from schools all over the country watching a special short film based on ways to interpret ten selected pieces of classical music, at the cinema.

Following this, children at Welbourne School have been listening to the Ten Pieces of Classical music and working on their favourites using music and dance to create their own responses. We have just spent the Spring Term creating a dance piece in response to the classical music from Beethoven called Symphony Number 5.

It is a dance about togetherness and friendships. We start with children all in their own boxes (their own worlds), then they discover that they all want to make friends and be together. But one child doesn't want to....They then spend the rest of the dance trying to persuade him to join in. The children realise that they need to 'get out of their boxes' and join together to include the child. Finally, they all come together and he is included into the group and all become one.

The boxes are then piled into a tower and then discarded - no longer needed as the children want to stay friends - together - united.

The ideas for the creation for the dance piece came from children, who also added their own choreography. We are very pleased and proud of what we have achieved.

BBC Ten Pieces and Coding!
Some of the '10 pieces' children decided to make a coding animation inspired by the Firebird Suite music by Igor Stravinsky. We used a program called Scratch. This is a coding programme language. The children had to write the script to make the Firebird 'fly' using computer code! They also created the backdrops for the 'stage' on a photo editing website and edited the music to shorten it. They have used lots of computing skills! We are very proud of the results and our children's terrific coding skills!
Firebird Dance by Sophie