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Local area


Welbourne school was built in 1982 to serve the community of Welbourne and surrounding areas and is situated in the Werrington area of Peterborough.  It is a well established school with car parking facilities at the front and 2 large playgrounds and extensive grass area to the side and rear.  The school is protected by perimeter fencing.  A tree belt protects the school from housing at the back.  The outdoor area has been developed to include wildlife area, garden for growing vegetables, 2 outdoor classrooms and extensive climbing equipment.   

We have an Enhanced Resource Provision, which provides teaching and learning for children with Autism.  In 2009 we were privileged to have the Werrington Children’s Centre built adjacent to our school to provide a range of facilities for parents with preschool children and after school facilities for our families.



Inside the school has a newly developed library, an excellent ICT suite and interactive whiteboards in every classroom.  We have recently refurbished all our classrooms providing large, brightly decorated areas for learning.  The school is built around three courtyards, one which has been developed to include pond area, one developed for our EYFS and Year 1 children to access learning outdoors and a further courtyard for our year 6 children.  We have an excellent food technology area and music room.  Areas around the school can be used for group and individual study.  School dinners are cooked on site by our experienced cooks and the children say ‘school lunch is delicious’  Healthy menu choices and vegetarian options are available for all the children.  Menu samples can be seen on our website as well as displayed outside every day.