Afternoon Tea with SENCO

posted 30 Sep 2014, 04:48 by Mrs Croft   [ updated 3 Oct 2014, 05:30 ]

Dear parents/carers,

Following on from the success of our “Coffee mornings with Senco” last term, I would like to restart the sessions, but with a few changes!

The sessions will move to the end of the day so will be renamed,  “Afternoon Tea with Senco”.

The sessions will be held from 2.15 until 3.00 on Tuesday afternoons, in the family room at school.

“Afternoon Tea with Senco” will be an informal opportunity for you to find out more about how we provide for children with special educational needs in school and about the work of some of the agencies who support us. It is also an opportunity for you to get to know other parents and to be a support to each other.

This term we will also have a focus topic for each session and sometimes a guest to join us.

Please see below for topics and guests for this term. If you have any suggestions or requests for future guests and topics, please let me know.




Tuesday 30th September

2.15 - 3.00

Recent changes to SEN procedures

Tuesday 21st October

2.15 - 3.00

guest: school nurse

Tuesday 11th November

2.15 - 3.00

guest: chair of governors

Tuesday 2nd December

2.15 - 3.00

guest: Autism Outreach teacher

Feel free to bring someone along with you. Younger siblings are also welcome.

Tea and cake will be provided.

Look forward to seeing you .

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Karin Rudd

Inclusion/ERP Manager

Welbourne Primary School