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Oakham Castle Tomorrow

posted 16 Oct 2018, 08:36 by Mrs Everton

Don't forget year 3 & 4 children are visiting Oakham Castle tomorrow. Children need to be wearing their school uniform, but are allowed to wear trainers, as they will be doing lots of walking!

Rolo and Oreo

posted 10 Oct 2018, 08:47 by Mrs Mounfield   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 08:47 ]

This week they have been eating healthy food such as yellow peppers, apples and kale.  They have a new run and are becoming more settled at school, if you listen carefully you can hear them squeak when you walk by.

Amazing Home Learning Project

posted 10 Oct 2018, 08:38 by Mrs Mounfield   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 08:39 ]

Another amazing home learning project, this time in year 5, it took two weeks to complete and only just fitted in the classroom door!

Book Fair

posted 10 Oct 2018, 08:22 by Mrs Mounfield   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 08:22 ]

Thank you to everyone who visited our Book Fair, the money raised has been used to purchase some new books for our school.

Y3 Family Cafe

posted 10 Oct 2018, 08:07 by Mrs Mounfield   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 08:08 ]

Thank you to everyone who came to our Year 3 Family Cafe today.

Year 6 Basketball

posted 9 Oct 2018, 05:23 by Mrs Everton   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 01:00 by Mrs Croft ]

Well done to our fantastic Year 6 children, who behaved and played really well at the basketball tournament this morning.

Harvest Festival

posted 8 Oct 2018, 02:35 by Mrs Mounfield   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 01:04 by Mrs Croft ]

Thank you for all of your donations for our Harvest Festival.  The food will be distributed to help the residents of St Martin Court.

Meet Rolo and Oreo

posted 4 Oct 2018, 08:15 by Mrs Mounfield   [ updated 4 Oct 2018, 08:15 ]

Rolo and Oreo had their first computing lesson today, using Safe Search https://primaryschoolict.com/
to research all about how they can look after themselves.  This week they have tried eating yellow pepper and they enjoyed it.

They have a new travelling cage for when they go for sleepovers at the weekend.  They like meeting all their new friends at school.


posted 4 Oct 2018, 03:22 by Mrs Everton

Thank you to all the parents & carers who have sent in harvest donations. Please could I ask you to check that the food you send in is still in date.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

posted 1 Oct 2018, 13:53 by Mrs Mounfield   [ updated 1 Oct 2018, 13:54 ]

Thank you to everyone for your donations to our cake raffle for the Macmillan Coffee Morning we collected £66.10 for the charity.

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