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Year 5 Maths

The children in year 5 learn a variety of different topics in their maths lessons .All aspects of the maths curriculum will be covered.
Children will be taught an understanding of number and place value as well as different types and properties of numbers. Children are taught appropriate written methods for each of the four written methods and will be learning to use these in a variety of different contexts.
Shape and Space
The children will need to learn about measures, and how different imperial and metric measures exist. They will need to know the conversions between different measures and solve problems involving these. Shape will feature throughout the year with the children learning about 2d and 3d shapes as well as angles. The children will be taught advanced 2d and 3d shapes and will be expected to calculate area and perimeter of these as well as solving more complex problems involving them.
This learning of shape and angle will lead the children on to learn about co-ordinates. Children will learn how to use all four quadrants of a co-ordinates grid and will use this grid to carry out actions such as translation and rotation to different shapes.