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Year 4 Computing

The children will be using their Google Apps for education accounts to learn how to communicate and collaborate on work 'in the 
cloud'. They will create and save their work using Google Drive.

Information Technology (IT)
The children will be extend their word processing skills. They will learn how to copy/cut and paste, find and replace words, use bullet points and drop capitals and how to use the spell checker, thesaurus. and research tools. They are learning how to improve the appearance of their work and to adapt the suitability to various audiences. So they will be creating invitations, posters, brochures and newsletters for different events using a range of online applications.

http://scratch.mit.edu/Computer Science (CS)
Year 4 will continue to learn how to write simple algorithms and programs using the SCRATCH and Code.org websites

Digital Literacy (DL)
Using the Internet for research:
They will be using the internet to research their topic work.We use 'Safe-search' at school. This is a powerful search-engine that is safe for children to use. See also other great sites fr homework under 'Quick Links'
The children will practice using an email service in a correct, safe and responsible manner