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Year 2 Computing

Writing stories
Throughout the year the children will be developing their Word Processing skills by writing stories and information texts related to their topic work. They learn how to use the space-bar, enter, shift, delete and back-space keys on the keyboard. They use lots of different programs to practice these skills.

Creating Pictures
The children will explore the tools in a range of art software. They will learn how to change the various brushes and to use the stamp and symmetry tools.

Tux Paint is an excellent FREE piece of software you can download to use at home
Can you paint like Jackson Pollack?

Finding Information
The children will be using the internet to find information related to their topic work. They become familiar with on-line icons such as the Home Page, Back and how to follow a link. They will be introduced to safe web searching. Safe Search

Routes: Controlling a floor robot.
The children are introduced to Control technology. They learn how to enter a set of instructions into a floor robot called a Bee Bot. They can make it move in certain directions. They are taught the meaning of left right, forwards, backwards and repeat.

Processing words
I can enter words into a word processor.
I can type a sentence on the computer.
I can use the space bar to add spaces between my words
I can use the shift key to type capital letters.
I can save my work into my own folder
I know how to use a space bar to leave spaces between my words.
I can use the backspace and delete key to change my sentences.
I am learning how to create a picture on screen